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About Us

Joe Garfi


Hi my name is Joe Garfi. I've been a long time enthusiast of the visual arts and have been involved in producing content for 6 years. I pride myself in hard work and being motivated to bring you the best experience possible. I hope to work with you in the future and can't wait to create unimaginable content for you.

Max Reid

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Hi! I'm Max Reid! I've lived my whole life in the video industry. I've been involved with such companies as NBC, Microsoft, and the New York Film Acadamy. With this knowledge and experience I intend to bring you the customer the best experience and highest quality production.

Jack Welch


Hi, I'm Jack Welch. I'm the Creative Director at Harvard Street. I've played music for over 14 years, including guitar, bass, and vocals, and also have years of experience in visual arts. I can work with you to make your ideas come to life.


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